Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Finally Have Time

I finally have found some time to start posting on this. I will post one of my dreams on the first weekend of every month. Though if people start sending me their dreams I'll post them every Saturday or more often depending on how many are sent. My guess is there wont be much. Oh well I'll post my first dream this weekend on Friday night or Saturday morning.

Friday, January 11, 2008


I doubt anyone is going to see this or even sit down and read this but I was asked by a couple of people to start it. This blog was created to share a series of dreams that I've had since I was 4 or 5 which I finally stopped having, kinda, at 22. Now when I say this I don't mean that every night I fall and fall and fall I mean every time I go to bed a book opens up and the next part of the story is written. My dreams started with a troll and an old man and have gotten to a point of a full world. I've asked a few people why this is but no one seems to know. So I wish to share them with you. I've titled the dreams originally the Nightmare Forest because most of them were nightmares but now I've come to know them as The 12 Towers and The Nightmare Forest.
The other reason I started this is because I want to hear other peoples dreams and stories. I find them fascinating and from what I understand many others do as well. So if you have a strange dream that you wish to share or a short story that you've had in your head for a long time share it with us I'm sure everyone would love to read it.
Oh and don't be scared if you have some problems writing I'm sure no one is going to mind we're all just here to read about how twisted other people can be when they're not thinking about it. If you don't know, because I didn't, just go to my profile for my email address.

I'll start the posts soon, not really sure when just yet but I'll start them as soon as I can get to it.

Also I'm new to this so give me a break :P